Flavour List

  • naughty ganache (Ferrero Rocher, Hazelnuts, Nutty ganache)
  • matcha-tachio (Matcha, Pistachios, Mascarpone ganache)
  • frosty flake (Sweet corn ganache, Frosted Flakes, Corn flour)
  • snowberry (Strawberry buttercream, Chocolate glaze, Strawberry)
  • cinnamon bum (Cinnamon, Oat crumble, Cream cheese icing)
  • Liz lemon (Lemon curd, Icing, Lemon zest)

Allergy Advice

Please be advised that our desserts may have come in contact or contains :Peanuts, Tree nuts, Milk/Dairy, Wheat, Gluten

Storage Instructions

Madeleines are best enjoyed the same day as pick-up, but to keep madeleines fresh longer, store them in a sealed container or an air-tight bag at room temperature. If you intend to keep madeleines longer than 2 days make sure to refrigerate or freeze them in a sealed container or an air-tight bag.